I've always been a fan of Paul Dorpat's "Now & Then" feature in the Seattle Times. I noticed a guy in the UK was making composited cross-time images by matching Google's Street View with vintage photos, so I made some of my own -- though I sometimes take my own "now" photos to improve alignment. It's been fun to time travel and think about people and events that happened in our region's past. All images can be clicked to see them at full size.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Home Stomping Grounds

I'm originally from Kitsap County, so I rounded up some images in and around Bremerton and Silverdale, Washington. First, Washington Avenue around 1909.

2nd Avenue in 1940. The shipyard building is still there today, but all the businesses here are long-gone. The Rialto Theater was damaged in the quake of 1949 and subsequently demolished. Bremerton had a busy, vibrant downtown back then.

A Boy Scout parade in downtown Bremerton, 1946. Let's catch that new movie "Spellbound" with Gregory Peck!

This is mostly for my Kitsap peeps. It's not filled with historic significance, but back in the day Silverdale only had one four-way stop with a red flashing light at the intersection of Bucklin Hill Road and Silverdale Way. The White Light Tavern was one of the town's finer cultural attractions.

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