I've always been a fan of Paul Dorpat's "Now & Then" feature in the Seattle Times. I noticed a guy in the UK was making composited cross-time images by matching Google's Street View with vintage photos. I made some of my own -- Handy way to time travel without leaving the house, though I sometimes do take the present day shots when things don't align. All images can be clicked to see a larger size.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Onward & Upward

For many Seattle old timers, 1st Avenue was historically a patchwork of bars, second hand stores and some of the city's more colorful adult-oriented businesses. As Seattle made the transition from a blue collar town to an epicenter of technology many of these institutions and the buildings that contained them have given way to a more gentrified (some would say clinical) appearance. Here we see present-day 1st Avenue near Virginia Street contrasted with a 1968 view. It's interesting to note that the offices for web-based real estate giant Redfin are in a crisp new high rise where Al & Leon once sold furniture across a rambling array of storefronts.


  1. I just saw your work featured on the Evening Magazine clip that King 5 posted to Facebook today. Your pictures are fascinating! I've always been interested in local history and vintage photographs, and I like to wonder about the people who have walked in the same places I have. I really enjoyed looking through the photos on your blog. If you ever get a chance, I'd love to see some cross-time images of Everett, especially of my alma mater, Everett High School.

  2. Thanks! Glad you like the historic mash-ups. I've been planning to do more with places outside Seattle. I'll definitely keep Everett in mind!