I've always been a fan of Paul Dorpat's "Now & Then" feature in the Seattle Times. I noticed a guy in the UK was making composited cross-time images by matching Google's Street View with vintage photos. I made some of my own -- Handy way to time travel without leaving the house, though I sometimes do take the present day shots when things don't align. All images can be clicked to see a larger size.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

More Time Travel News


Well, it's not technically time travel so much as time comparison, but you get the idea. The latest coverage to hit the Seattle area news-o-sphere is up on KPLU's Quirksee website. It's really gratifying to see the great response to these images. Seriously -- I only made them for fun, thinking I'd just share them with a few Facebook friends. After they appeared on Reddit things went a little insane, but fun!


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